Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Men Hate To Cuddle & Sleep?

Why Men Hate To Cuddle & Sleep

Often women wonder as to why their men don't cuddle them tight and sleep! For a woman, cuddling makes them feel secure and mentally comfortable but for men, it can be something normal and not so emotional. Why men hate to cuddle and sleep?

Reasons to know why men hate to cuddle and sleep:

Physical discomfort: 
It is not necessary for a man to think like his partner. For most of the men, cuddling can be discomforting because they can't move their body when they see the cute face of their partner on the chest!

Free position: 
As the brain set up goes, men love to spread themselves in the bed and sleep. By cuddling they restrict their body movements which can be troublesome when sleep takes over.

Not habituated: 
Women are sued to cuddling a teddy-bear and sleeping. Men are not used to cuddling something and sleeping. This is why, men hate to cuddle and sleep. One of the most common reasons why men get irritated or don't end up cuddling their partners.

Cuddling after lovemaking:
For men, cuddling is something sensual which arouses their mood for making love. This is why, sometimes, they hate to cuddle and sleep.

Too tired: 
When you are too tired to be romantic, you just want to be yourself. This is one of the reasons why men hate to cuddle and sleep with their partners.

If your man hates to cuddle and sleep with you, don't feel offended. This doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. It is just that men feel different when compared to women!

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