Monday, November 12, 2012

Women Love Bad Boys: A Real Story

Women Love Bad Boys- A Real Story - two lovers kissing

He came to me as a love messenger of his best friend, but couldn't play cupid. Was it love at first sight for me? I'm still unaware.. It took us couple of months to even become friends. We were in the same group but cannot stand each-other. You must have heard the saying, the person you hate the most is the one you fall in love with! May be that's how I fell in love with him.
He was our college hero; best in cricket, flexible dancer, charmer to girls, topper and even a Casanova. Thats why women love bad guys? May be thats the reason i disliked him...I don't know why women love bad boys and I hated this! He was so confident, so proud and then so arrogant especially towards me...
But deep inside me, I wished to see him daily, he was in last year of college whereas I was a fresher who had to attain all lectures sincerely. Someone had to break the ice! One day, while having a regular chat in college canteen he asked whats your plan for tomorrow and I replied that I wont be coming to college due to a puja at a relatives place. While leaving college he said, "See u tomorrow at 2:30 in canteen". He knew I was not going to come, then why did he say that?
These thoughts kept wandering in my mind, I argued myself and finally settled down on “He is a Casanova playing a game with me" & I decided not to go..But I was in love with this Casanova, how could I stop myself from avoiding it? I made an excuse of a practical examination and went straight to the college canteen. There he was waiting for me. As soon as our eyes met, he smiled and that made me speechless. I was lost in my bad boy. I was in love!
He came to me and said he got some annual day work to finish and he would be back in half an hour...I still can't believe that I had waited for him for an hour even after knowing what he is. Was I expecting a love story with him? Everything shattered when he didn't turn up at all. I went back home with all frustration and I was cursing myself the whole time for loving a bad boy and trusting him.
Suddenly my cell rang, it was him. He called up to apologize for not turning up and he said that he will make up for that some day. Surprisingly he did. Once we all friends planned for a movie on Sunday. We all gals were here waiting in sunlight but none of the guys turned up except him.... That was the day when I was going to meet my first love, the love of my life who would fulfill my real love story.
He came late and sat beside me, took my hand in his for next 3 hrs and didn't say a single word... I was too nervous to ask and too shy to express myself. I didn't wanted the movie to end. I expected him to propose me while the movie. He took next 2 weeks to finally propose me. Obviously I said YES and and our love story began.
Our relationship lasted for 3 months and we had a break up due to his Casanova character. My heart was broken and my ego was shattered into pieces. He didn't care about me, our relationship or anything. He finished his final year and started training at Merchant Navy. I was just getting back to normal when he returned back to town and I again surrendered myself to his charm forgetting our break up.
Our long distance relationship lasted for 4 solid years with ups and down, many break ups and patch ups... By the end of 4th year I knew that he is the only one I can marry and finally I took the initiative and asked him about marriage…He gave me his reasons behind the time required which I already knew. He belonged to a lower middle class family, had to get his two sisters married, get rid of all loans taken. He needed time and he dint know how long it would take… I realised that being in his life and asking the same question will only make him more tensed or unhappy. Therefore, I decided to end this relationship forever this time.
Today I am happily married & I wish he gets the right girl for himself. I would dedicate this story to him on the valentine's day. He made my 4 years worth remembering for life time, being my best friend throughout and being supportive. To my first love....

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