Monday, November 12, 2012

Bizarre Places To Celebrate Valentine's Day!

Bizarre Places To Celebrate Valentine's Day! - man and woman going out

Everywhere you see there are hearts and roses and red and pink; isn't the whole thing so monotonously boring! I mean who said you have to celebrate valentine's day with reds and hearts all the time. What is fun in choosing a romantic place and spending your V day there. Isn't it more challenging to make a place romantic for your special someone? If you are not a passive recipient of commercial advertisements then think of a different and really whacky way to celebrate your valentine.
Some suggestion would be welcome and here they are.

Bizarre Places To Celebrate Valentine's Day:

1. The Roof On Your Head:
No, we are not talking about rooftop restaurants that are both expensive and mundane. The roof of your very own house that you use to stuff all your useless stuff. Well clean it up and wash off the generations of filth. Light up the place in the best possible way and then surprise your Valentine.

2. The Highest Roof:
Having talked about your own roof top I am tempted to give you another crazy date idea. How about the roof of a 100 storied building? If you don't know one then go to the tallest building in the vicinity, bribe the watchman to let you in and celebrate valentine's day in a 'high' life way hanging from the top of a 100 storied building!

3. The Garage:
It must have never occurred to you that the dingy dark place in which you compel your car stay day after day could be romantic place? Most probably not. So do this, clean up your garage and set a tale for two in it. Do not over illuminate it, the beauty of your garage lies in its dinginess. Have the darkest dinner of your life on V Day and you date (if he or she shares your whacky taste) will love it.

4. Fly Away In Love:
Want to give your date quite the scare? Then teach him or her to fly. Blindfold your date and take him or her to a hot air balloon. Fly away in the balloon and open there eyes only after you have gone to a height. The initial shock will be converted to an appreciation of your innovative ideas.

5. Haunted Mansion:
Where will you find one? Where there is a will (to scare) there is way. There are thousands of haunted mansions lying deserted across the country. Can't you manage one your your special V day date. Take your valentine to the haunted mansion and have to creepiest valentine"s day of your life.

6. One Night At The Cemetery: 
You will be surprised to know that there are few places as private and peaceful as a cemetery. If you exclude the supernatural connections then a cemetery is one of the most secluded bizarre places to celebrate valentine's day. Try cutting a cake on a particularly 'grave' looking grave.

Use these crazy date ideas to celebrate valentine's day in bizarre ways.

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