Monday, November 12, 2012

How Singles Celebrate Valentine's Day?

How Singles Celebrate Valentine's Day - celebration

ts valentine's day! You must be tired of listening to romantic songs on radio or watching videos of couples on every channel. If you are single, the very concept of celebrating valentine's day must be irritating for you. It is not that the day is only meant for love birds. Even singles can celebrate valentine's day in their own way. If valentine's day is not important for a single person, how he/she celebrates the day? Find out what singles do on this romantic day.
What singles do on valentine's day?

Regular routine:
 As the day is not important for them, singles follow their normal day to day routine. Working professionals go to their office whereas school or college students either attend classes or relax at home. For many students, staying single on this day can be little embarrassing so, few throw excuses at home and sleep!

Evening out:
 Very few singles like to stay alone at home especially on evenings. Singles celebrate valentine's day with friends by hanging out in a mall or at a bar! Those who have not so serious partners hang out at a restaurant.

Watch some cartoon:
 As a normal evening, few singles watch cartoon and relax as a couch potato. As a day is normal for singles, having popcorn while watching favorite cartoon.

 A conversation with a friend is a nice time pass. You even stay in touch and get updated about recent happenings. For eg, a mutual friend proposing is a hot topic in the group. By chatting, singles don't feel lonely and this why many people prefer spending some time with friends to forget the valentine's day!

 Chilling out at a party is a great idea for singles to celebrate valentine's day. Few singles feel, they can get a valentine at a party and thus end up dancing on the floor with a new partner.....

These are few ideas singles use to celebrate valentine's day. 

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