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The Love Story Of An Arranged Marriage

The Love Story Of An Arranged Marriage - wedding ring

A person who never believed in 'Love', its magic, V Day and basically never took time off my routine, to even give it a thought or how the four letter word could actually bond two souls for a lifetime? Moreover, it was impossible for a person like me to accept the fact that people could actually choose their life partners within a few minutes of talk in a traditional set-upof an arranged marriage. A staunch follower of these, had never felt it, before I met Suriya, after my parents gave me his photograph; the first proposal that crossed the initial crunches. Though the conversation lasted a mere 45-minutes, I was able to decide in one shot, as I was totally bowled by his simplicity! So an arranged marriage it was.

That was indeed the beginning of our real love story! Never believed my friends when they narrated their episodes of the same, rather could not accept the fact that they agreed to lead a life together just after talking to their prospective partners once, under a traditional set-up of arranged marriage. When it happened to me, all my views contradicted, as I had to accept that it really works.

It all started on Nov 14, 2010 (it was not V Day but that is our special day). Our first meeting was at Coffee Day. As the tagline says, 'Anything can happen over a cup of coffee", which seemed like a quote just made for us, as that ensured we walk hand-in-hand throughout! That's when I realised that cupid had struck me too! Those 45 minutes meant, I was totally okay with everything, though I never agreed to compromise with anyone at home or my friends, it all happened with him, still wondering what happened, while am unable to find the reason!

Indeed it was the first time, I felt there is someone who cared for me more than himself. Moreover, I was eventually very happy since I could talk to a person who is very close to my heart after my brother, with whom I would discuss everything.

Being in Love, transformed me totally! In fact, I had heard a lot about how love transforms a person, and makes him/her a poet, but I was totally shocked when I started penning verses, quotes myself! That's when my friends told me that's the effect of Love! It visibly doubled after our engagement, as our courtship period lasted for 7-long months. It put it in a nut shell, being engaged was just 'amazing'.

During those seven months of courtship period, everything took a backseat, thanks to our hectic schedules which allowed us to meet only on weekends, after work as I used to get week offs once in two weeks. But, we managed to get rid of all those, and meet whenever possible.

As our courtship unfolded, an official trip to the 'island of pearl' did make matters worse, which was my first tour ever, alone! Away from parents, was a major concern, while celebrating my birthday alone in the neighbouring country, just added to more disappointment. Then, came the surprise of my life, as I got a call from Suriya, and got to know that he had come all the way to wish me on my birthday! That"s when I realized he is madly in love too! It was the most special moment of our real love story. Can you still call it an arranged marriage?

It was indeed a sweet surprise, as I got an innovative e-card at the strike of 12 am and lovely wishes which are truly precious. Though he had called me to wish, he never revealed that he was actually coming to meet me!

I have confessed a zillion times that if I had ever been in his situation, would have never taken such a bold decision! Though it reminded me of Varanam Aayiram, it was indeed a sweet surprise. Most memorable birthday ever!

If that wasn't enough, a one day trip to Chunchi falls, was also squeezed during our courtship, apart from visiting all the malls and numerous restaurants followed by movies.

With similar interests, almost similar personalities, no contradicting views, ours' has been a perfect fairy tale, which eventually happens to be the reason and secret of a successful innings as man and wife. Most of the moments during our courtship are the foundation for the same. The golden period from Nov 2010 to Sep 2011 did the trick, which eventually has doubled after wedding, as its been five months now. As the courtship had created the magic between hearts as we got to know at the very instance that we couldn't live without each other. That's indeed the beauty of Love!

On V Day you take a message from this story that with a little luck an arranged marriage too can be converted into love marriage.

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