Monday, November 12, 2012

Office Romance Turned To Marriage With Efforts!

dating-cubemate - Office Romance Turned To Marriage With Efforts

I had completed my college and was interning at a company for a couple of months. One fine day, when I entered the reception, I met a person, Vikram, who has come from a different state. He was an employee in the Bangalore branch office and I quickly learned that he came for a three months project.
We started speaking during lunch hours and it was nothing great than mere friendship or not even that. After he went back, we exchanged chat and email sometimes. When my parents started looking a groom for me. I felt the spark in me as I was not prepared to get married. I felt something for him. I realised, he is the one I deserve in my life and I even put the topic indirectly to his knowledge through mail.
I was very nervous but eagerly waited for his reply, as I didn't have any idea about his opinion on me. Every two minutes I was checking my mail and refreshed the page to see his reply. That was the first sleepless night I had. Love changes everything. My office romance idea was nowhere and this hurt me completely.
Next morning, his name popped up in my inbox and I was thrilled to read the mail. I started praying before opening it. The mail shocked me.
My office romance showed a result. He accepted my proposal. My real life love story was commencing!!!! We decided to meet and he came from Bangalore to my place for just half an hour. The second meet was after a month, we went to a movie and the third was in a mall. Office romance turned to love and our real love story changed our lives.
That is it, our happy days as lovers ended there and we faced a difficult period to get married. My parents, though being modern and educated are too narrow minded when it comes to love marriage. They came to know about my relationship. They called him and explained that our family is highly respected, so leave our daughter and so on....
I tried explaining them but couldn't succeed in convincing my family for the love marriage. I felt alone at home and there was not even a single person to understands me. I had almost tried everything to convince them through hunger-strike and all. I even starved without drinking a drop of water for three days but couldn't succeed. And then when I asked for food they simply said that I will give you the phone and you ought to call him and say that you don't want him. I had to do it to save my life.
He had come to our house with his friends and there was a big issue that took us to the police station and there too those corrupt people played their part in my life by getting money from my dad and they spoke against Vikram.
The worst part in my life was yet to come. I was admitted in a psychiatric hospital for treatment for two days to forget him. I was given sleeping pills and sedatives two times a day to forget about my real love story forever.. I couldn't even walk properly. This continued for a week and one day even two pills were not enough for me to go to bed.
I made up my mind to leave my parents as they seemed to not have any affection towards me. They made me undergo so much of pain just to get married to whom they decided! I waited for that time, when all were busy with their own chores and I left the house with nothing but a Rs 100 with me. I got an auto and was clueless as to where to go in the same city I lived for so long. 

Then I went to a different place where I gave him a call but in vain. It was switched off. I tried again and again and then tears started rolling out. I called my friend, who has contacted Vikram's sister and luckily there was a person in my place to help me out. The auto driver, who helped me was too great. His name is David and I never found a second chance to meet him. He took me to an agent (his uncle) who booked my ticket to Bangalore.

That night I met Vikram's mother and sister. His family accepted our love and was supportive towards the marriage They all started opting for registry marriage. I called my parents and they showed no signs of acceptance. Our marriage was fixed ten days later in the traditional way. It has been 3 years since then and our love has grown everyday.
I don't know whether I have taken the right step or not, but I didn't wanted to marry a different person and bury my love deep within my heart. So, I decided to sacrifice my family for my real love story. My parents are still not interested in accepting my hubby or my 2 year kid which has gradually increased my grudge against them. My office romance turned to a passionate love and then to a successful marriage. This is my valentine's day gift for my husband! I Love You...

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