Friday, November 9, 2012

Why You Should Not Keep Girls Waiting?

Why You Should Not Keep Girls Waiting - girl in love - wearing boots

Well there are many reasons as to why you should not keep girls waiting. First of all girls hate waiting. They consider it really insulting if any guy makes them wait for long. Well men should be chivalrous and make every effort to be on time. Sometimes you may be late for genuine reasons and trust me girls are considerate enough in such cases. But some men are in the habit of being late and keep girls waiting for them. Lets see the side effects that you have to bear if you keep girls waiting.

Cash Or Card
If you keep girls waiting they really get very angry. And to avoid a fight you have to use debit card, credit card or cash to make her happy. Whenever you make a girl wait she gets upset and the best way to improve a girl's mood to take her for shopping. Sometimes it can be really too expensive. Girls hate to wait and she will do the best to make you pay for it. If you are lucky enough then it might just be a small treat or a teddy bear. And if you have a tough luck and a heavy purse then you better get ready for a higher price.

Wooing Some One Else
If you keep your girl waiting then mind you, there might be several kinds of risks involved. Girls simply love good looking guys. So in case you keep your girlfriend waiting at a very busy place then she might just be looking at other guys and wooing them. You never know but she may have a short date before you arrive! As there is no scarcity of good looking men so beware, someone just might steal away your girl. Well most of the times it is just time pass and nothing else. But hope that it might just not turn serious.

Make You Wait For A Longer Time
If you keep girls waiting then the next time she might just make you wait for a longer time. Its all the part of a girls revenge. One day she might wait for 15 minutes and next day you might just keep looking out for her for over an hour. And that can be really tedious.

Not Chivalrous
It is not at all chivalrous to keep girls waiting. That shows your lack of sincerity and unpunctual nature. And this could be really a very bad impression to make at the very onset of a relationship. So better be chivalrous and be on time to show your mark of being a gentleman.
So guys if you are ever late again in meeting your girlfriend or wife just take a flower bouquet at the very beginning to avoid any further consequences.

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