Friday, November 9, 2012

Way To A Man's Heart

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You must have heard the proverb that "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". But other than food there are many other ways to reach his heart. Many a times you must have wondered that why your man does not pay as much attention to you as before. Wish to grab that attention back? We will give you few ways through which you can reach your man's heart. And even if it is your boy friend you can easily make a way to his heart with these ways. Let us see some ways to make a way to the man's heart.

Good Food
 Men love food. If there is something that they love more than themselves then it is surely food. Men are crazy for good food. Even if they are in a bad mood they get cheered up with foods that delight their taste buds. Cook your man's favourite food when he he is back from work on a hectic day. You can notice the joy through his face. He will be all flattered on you. It is just that good food elevates their mood and they love and appreciate anyone who serves it. Take the opportunity of the fact that men love food and win him through your cooking.

The Mystery Woman
 You are always interested in a story until you know what happens at the end. Similar is the case with men. They will take interest in you till they have many things to know about you. Be that mystery woman for him. We are not guiding you to hide things from him but, just maintain few secrets. Just get unpredictable enough so that he cannot understand what's going in your mind. He should not be able to guess how you are going to react on a particular situation. The more mysterious you are, the more he will get attracted towards you.

Dress Sensible And Sensuous
 Always dress sensibly that will make you look sensuous. An easy way to his heart is by always looking good. Always stay well dressed. Try to look attractive so that he cannot even think of other women even in his wildest dreams. Night is the only time to bare. Be both his girlfriend and wife in one.
Take a step towards these ways and fix a permanent place in your man's heart.

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