Friday, November 9, 2012

The Ex We Cannot Forget..

The Ex We Cannot Forget.. - dreamy girl

Being in love with your ex partner does no good. We all know that and also preach that to our friends. However, almost every individual has that secret ex who they do not want to forget. You might have gotten over your ex years back and may not even be in love with him or her anymore. But you cannot deny that you think about this elusive ex partner often. There are several reasons why we do not want to forget our ex and here are some of the most obvious ones.
The Special Ex We Cannot Forget..

Fond Memories: 
You may not have had a nasty break up with this particular boyfriend or girlfriend. You both must have parted as friends and thus you do not want to wipe out the memories of the good times you had together. In fact you may be still in touch as great friends. This is a very common phenomenon of the modern world.

Parted In Love: 
The hardest thing in life is to leave someone you are still in love with. If you were still in love with your ex when you guys broke up, then you will never forget your ex. He or she may have been the love of your life but you hit the stone wall about some unresolvable issue. May be you wanted to get married and he was not ready or she would not fit into your family.

Grass Is Greener On The Other Side: 
Human beings have chronic dissatisfaction. We are never satisfied with what we have and keep yearning for things we lost. In this respect your ex becomes the benchmark for comparison with your present partner. Whenever you are unhappy with your present partner, you think about your past relationship. Your past relationship with your ex did not work out but that does not stop you from imagining how things could have been with your ex.

Your Secret Fantasy:
 Your present partner or husband, can never be part of your fantasy. This is not because you do not love him or her. It is because your reality can never be part of your fantasy. But the ex you can't forget is a part of your past relationship so they are not a part of your reality now. So you are free to imagine or fantasize about him or her in anyway you please. He or she might have been a psychopath who tried to kill you but even his craziness could seem romantic after you leave him or her.

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