Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Did She Unfriend?

Why Did She Unfriend - facebook - profile - homepage

Like a girl? Are you still on her facebook friend list? Its really sad if one fine day you find that she does not want you in her friend list anymore. Well there can be many reasons as to why she has 'unfriend' you. Facebook and other social networking sites have completely change the way people socialise. You are just a click away from making friends as well as losing them. Check on these few things and find out why she has 'unfriend' you.

Do you know that its very important to flatter a girl. No matter how much you adore her, she must know it. The only way to make her know the fact on social networking sites is by 'liking' her pictures. And in case you have never done it then it will give her a feeling that you are not interested in her. Then why do you think she will show any interest in you and want to have you in her friend list. Remember most of the girls are big egoists and so they simply 'unfriend' you. But at the same time just keep in mind that like only a limited number of pictures or else she might think that you are stalking her.

Expression is always important. Be very careful with the comments that you write on her blog and on others profile pages . If you want to stay in her facebook friend list then always flood her with positive comments and compliments. But at the same time be very wary of doing the same with other girls in your facebook friend list as well. Trust me they keep on checking at your updates.

Posting Inappropriate And Boring Things
Girls don't at all like boring or highly philosophical people. And at the same time, they hate any indecent behaviour be it towards them or someone else. They would never like a person who uses abusive language or says things in bad taste in their friend list. If you use a lot of slang she would 'unfriend' you. Simply avoid posting or liking any indecent graphics or videos on your wall.
Posting about intellectual or philosophical things shows that you are intelligent. But over doing it means that you are boring and do not have any other topics to talk about. So strike the right balance.

Real Life Reasons
Sometimes she might 'unfriend' you due to some fight or ego clash that you recently had with her in real life. May be you did not receive her call recently or did not reply to her messages. Explain your reasons to her and try to make it up. Well this might seem to you a silly reason, but mind you girls can to any thing to satisfy their ego. So you better make out things off-line first before making it out oline.
Try doing these things and see how you find a place in her social circle once again.

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