Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Men Should Mind Their Language?

man-yelling-shouting-at-woman - Why Men Should Mind Their Language

Foul language is definitely not something that anyone particularly likes. However, there is difference in the way men and women perceive it. The level of permissibility for abusive language varies among the genders. So it is common for men to use language that will make any woman blush. Many of you may not be aware that the kind of language that men use is a determining factor for women to go out with them.
So if you are one of those guys who likes to throw is a few slang words to punctuate sentences, then you better watch out when your girl is around.

Men should mind their language because...

She is not your buddy:
When guys are around their buddies they use few common abusive words and also quite a few innovative ones. Foul language amongst guy friends is a matter to laugh about when someone uses a really novel slang and the whole guy gang bursts out laughing! That is not going to happen when you take your girlfriend out on an official date. Always mind the difference between your friends and girlfriend.

She will not find it affectionate:
Among men a mild abuse might be a nickname or an affectionate way to call your friend. But you cannot use the same logic on women. A man whose language is not proper is not considered 'affectionate' by women.

She will think you are crude:
Men's language is not always reliable indicator of their socio-economic background or education. Many well off and highly educated men too like to abuse when they are frustrated or relaxing with friends. But in the mind of a woman, if you use foul words then you are uncouth and probably from an uncultured family background.

She will never marry you:
If you are serious about pursuing a girl then better not use bad language when she is around. A woman's worst nightmare is to be married to an abusive man. Most women connect foul language as a sign of an abusive man and no body wants an abusive marriage. So she will never say the words 'I do' unless you are very well spoken.

She will use it against you: 
When couples fight they use each others weak points to score brownie points. By using abusive language in front of your girl you will be giving all your trump cards to her. The next time you fight over any issue and she starts losing the argument she will say that she doesn't need a moral lesson from a guy who uses filthy language.

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