Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Women Play Games With Men?

Why Women Play Games With Men

Gone are the days when men only used to hunt and chase for women. Even women have come forward to play games with men! If a woman is not serious, she will flirt and play with the feelings of a man. For example, a woman will make you run behind her by grabbing your attention. Then gradually, she will dump you or play dirty games with you. Why women also started playing games with men?
Why women play games with men?

To get attention:
To grab attention, a person can go to any extent! If a man does not pay attention towards a woman, she might become more stubborn to get his attention somehow and then play with him.

For pride:
If someone does not pay attention towards you, it hurts your ego. The urge to make him fall for you becomes the motto. This passion makes many women play games with men. It is primarily a trap to get their things done! Also, self image makes a woman conscious and more desperate to hunt for men!

Just time pass:
When men can do it then why not women! Nowadays, even women do not believe in serious relationships. Without commitment, if a man is ready to be with a woman, then why women should not play games?

A flirt:
If a woman is a flirt, it will be her nature. Hunting and chasing guys to get her things done will always be active in the mind.

Wishes you to run behind: 
Why should boys have all the fun in the world?? There were times when women did what men wanted. Now things have changed!! Women want men to do things according to their wishes. Therefore, a woman plays the game with a man to make him run behind her.

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