Friday, November 9, 2012

What Men Feel About Love ?!!

What Men Feel About Love

Love means different things to different people. Although men will not accept, but they too feel good when they are in love. If you think that men are not crazy for love or they are not much interested about the feeling, then break the prejudice! Find out what men feel about love.
What men actually feel about being in love?

There is someone:
“I feel so good when my girl opens the door with a smile. All my tiredness vanishes and I leave my office behind.” For men, being alone can be dull and boring. So, when they are in love, they feel there is someone who is waiting at home.

An attachment: 
When a man starts dating, an emotional attachment builds up gradually. Sharing thoughts and ideas with their partners makes them feel happy. Also, staying with a woman for weeks or months or years will build attachment. When men are in love, they share a sense of emotional and physical attachment with their partners.

A support: 
Men feel that love is about support especially financially. To take the right decision, men want some ideas and suggestions. Men look out for support from their other-halves in a relationship.

An ego boost:
When you date, your ego boost up! Why? This is because you feel that you are capable of getting someone. The feeling of being loved madly by a woman definitely boosts a man's ego.

For men, the feeling of "being in love" makes them happy and satisfied. There are times when a man may get irritated and wish for some space in a relationship but at the end of the day, a woman completes a man!

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