Friday, November 9, 2012

Things To Consider Before Marrying Him !!!

Things To Consider Before Marrying Him - things you should know - wish

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. A hard nut for couples to crack! And, choosing the right man to spend your life with is not a game. Apart from convincing your parents to accept the man you like, there are various other factors that need to be considered. To spend a happy life with your partner, first pick the best man by analyzing these 6 things.

6 things to consider before marrying him:

Love: This is the most important matter of consideration. A man is not always comfortable expressing his feelings. Agreed! But, before you decide to marry him, you have to be very sure if he is actually in love with you. Don't confuse yourself with infatuation.

Although, likes cannot be same but, a couple must be compatible. For a happy marriage you have to see if both of you are compatible or not. Compatibility does not mean that all your likes and dislikes should match but, it is when you can live together in harmony.

This is one of the most important thing to consider before choosing a man. You wish to have a well settled life once you are married and a right career will help you in dealing with financial issues. Discuss how to divide expenses and plan for a better future ahead.

Marriage is not a commitment between two individuals. It is a bonding of two families. Before choosing your Mr. Right, consider knowing his family. This is mainly because you will also be linked with his family throughout your life. Regardless of your nuclear or joint family, you have to look after his parents and family too.

A strong character can ensure that he will love you the most. In this regards, do not consider the past. In their youth, guys are flirts and they can commit silly mistakes too! If the present guy is decent and not overtly flirtatious, you can consider marrying him!

A reserved man can be difficult to deal with. Simply because he will be in his own world! For a healthy marriage, couples need to share their ideas and thoughts with each other. A man can either be reserved or outspoken, arrogant or humble, dominating or submissive. Analyse his nature and check if you can adjust with him or not. For a lifetime commitment, the couple should gel with each other.

These are few points that you can consider before marrying him. If you have doubts, discuss with your man before marriage. This helps you clear out issues before hand and you do not face complications after tying the knot. Sharing a good rapport is a must and when you have selected a partner for your life, analyse these things once.

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