Friday, November 9, 2012

Ways To Impress A Gadget Girl !!!

Ways To Impress A Gadget Girl - nicole - asian beauty

There is a very old and chauvinistic saying that girls and gadgets do not compliment each other. Boys, get a reality check! The alpha woman knows more about gadgets than you do. Recently, the NDTV award for the best celebrity brand endorsement went to Anusha Sharma. She is hot, smart, tech savvy and thus, can carry a brand on her shoulders. Don't you want to impress a girl like that?

Now that women can give their counterparts competition in every field, including gadgets, you have to know how to impress a new age girl.

Ways To Impress A Gadget Girl:

1. Never Talk Down To Her:
Men have an irritating habit of patronizing women when it comes to electronics. Patent statements like 'I'll tell you which mobile to buy' or 'I'll teach you how to play this app' will not work with your alpha girl. Try to treat her equal, or even a superior when it comes to gadgets.

2. Never Gift Her Fancy Gadgets:
You are a techoholic and your girlfriend gifts you nice looking sliding phone with a fancy cover. How would you feel? That is exactly how your gadget girl will feel if you try to gift her 'girlie' phones with cameras and mirrors. She loves technology just as much as you do. Get this thing straight if you want to impress her. As she is updated with the new arrivals, prefer such gift ideas for your gadget freak girlfriend.

3. Keep Abreast Of Technology:
You cannot afford to be technologically challenged if you are trying to impress a girl who is so up to date. You need to be extra cautious to know all the new stuff that is being launched. A true fan of technology will read up on the Internet voraciously. You have to do your homework if you want to be taken seriously by her.

4. Create An App For Her: 
Thousands of apps are created everyday and they spread like viruses. A word goes around that even social networks was started by a love lorn boy to find his lost girlfriend. So, what is the special thing that you are doing for your lady love? The best gift for such an alpha girl would be a personalised app. Gift her an Internet application that is dedicated to her.

5. Turned Off By Her Gadget Talk?
If you are put off by her enthusiasm for gadgets then she is not the girl for you. Many men find an alpha woman repulsive. According to them, this obsession with gadgets is too masculine. Why take the trouble to impress a girl who is not cut out for you?

These dating tips will help you understand the modern woman better. If you want to impress a girl 'technically', then get these points right.

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