Friday, November 9, 2012

Flirting Body Language Of A Woman !!!

Flirting Body Language Of A Woman

Flirting can be a great fun. No matter what our relationship status is-- single or committed, we get provoked when a hot chick or dude pass-by. Be it a man or a woman, there is a time where you can't resist, but flirt!
If you are sitting at the bar checking out a hot chick then, do pay attention to her signs. Who knows she might be interested in you. Wondering how to read her signs? Check out these points to get a clear picture.
Woman's body language to know if she is flirting:

Watch her posture: 
A posture can clearly show if she is open to flirting or not. If a woman tries to come close to you, then she is definitely trying to grab your attention. If a woman is bending down to reveal her assets, it clearly signals that she is ready to take off with you! Observe her sitting or standing postures and body language. These can help you read her and know if she is flirting and interested in you.

Observe her hands: 
When a woman is flirting, she will always play with her hair and move her hands. If you are staring at her and she is busy chatting with her friends around her, stick your eyes to observe her expressions and hand movements. Actually, a woman shows off more when she realises that someone is looking at her. If she is interested, she will reply back by using her hands.

Obviously, when she is interested in you, she will look at you. Eye contact is a clear sign to know that the woman is flirting with you. If she is looking at you and trying to grab your attention towards you, then get ready to initiate. Playing with hair or turning her head are two more signs to show that she is trying hard for you!

Generally, when a woman is flirting, she will smile and look at you. Her lips can be used in a variety of ways. From smiling to making sensual pouts, a woman can show her interest simply by using her lips while flirting.

If a woman crosses her legs and swings them, it is clear that she is sensually attracted towards you and the flirting is going to end as soon as you reach her! Changing her positions is also a signal that she is flirting.

These are few changes in body language which can be observed when a woman is flirting. Follow these tips and if it matches with your situation, then just hit on her!!!

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