Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Women Crib All The Time?

Why Women Crib All The Time

Women are talkative but men are silent!
Women love to express their feelings but men do not!
Women cannot read maps but men can...

There are many differences between men and women. It might be true to say that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus! Like this, there are certain types of attitudes which men and women cannot stand about each other. For example, men do not like women who crib. Many women crib, and it is nothing new if your woman is also nagging. Find out why women crib.

Why women crib?

Never satisfied: 
Women are never satisfied. It is human nature and not just linking to women. Even after getting what you want, the urge to get more can make you crib about the unfulfillment. The unsatisfactory nature can make women nag.

Did not get yet:
If you have not fulfilled your woman's wishes, then she will not sit quiet but crib. This is more common if your woman is highly pampered. Due to some reasons, you cannot fulfill her needs or demands, and this can frustrate her. Stubborn women want to get their things done and feel that cribbing is a nice method to get whatever they want!

Are they pampered?:
If a woman is pampered and unsupportive situations arise, she will crib and nag a lot. Men hate women who crib but, what about tracing the reasons? If you have pampered your woman, she will crib!
These are few reasons to know why women crib. Even if a man hates such an attitude, try to find out the reason before judging!

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