Friday, November 9, 2012

Tips To Deal With A Jealous Boyfriend !!!

Tips To Deal With A Jealous Boyfriend

If you say you were with your male friends, your boyfriend becomes jealous and starts yelling at you! Why does this happen? Why he does not understand you? There are many reasons to know why a man is jealous of you or your activities. Read on...
Tips to deal with a jealous boyfriend:

Find out the reason:
Jealousy can be nature or a recent emotion which has built up due to situations. You have to trace the reason behind his jealousy. May be your attitude makes him toojealous. If he does not like you mingling with male friends, avoid it. If you want to maintain friendship and love life together, know how to balance the two. Explain him to win his trust.

Clear doubts with him: 
A man gets jealous when he is not comfortable with your activities. Also, complexity can make your boyfriend jealous. To have a healthy relationship, you should clear doubts with him and explain him. Make him know that he is valuable to you. Show his place in your life!

Explain him: 
By explaining him, you build trust and also reduce the jealousy of your boyfriend. For a good love life, keep your relationship free from doubts and uncleared issues.

If your boyfriend is still jealous of you and does not want to accept you the way you are, it is time to decide! Jealousy can spoil a strong relationship. If left unsolved, it is best to quit than regret later!

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