Monday, November 19, 2012

Why Women Cry More Than Men ??!!!

Why Women Cry More Than Men?

Why do women cry?
It is often seen that a woman cry more than a man which lasts for a longer time than compared to the man. Men don't cry but men believe that women cry in a dramatic way. If you are finding answers to the question as to why women cry then the answer is that women are sensitive and highly emotional.
The emotions attach a woman easily to things which make them think emotionally whereas men think logically which is why they are more practical with strong emotions. Women always take light things to heart which makes them more highly prone to getting hurt and ending up crying.
Men feel that women cry without any reason but the women tends to forgive easily. Did you know why? It is because they feel light after crying and forgets the past unlike men who keep things in mind and reacts later.

Women also sob if the expectations are not fulfilled. One of the main reason behind why women cry is that her expectations are more when compared to a man and these expectations keep increasing among women at a faster pace!
Men feel women sob because they use it as an emotional weapon to blackmail and get their things done their way. Women are very smart in this aspect as they use it as a weapon to get her things done.
Women sob to prove herself right! If a woman feels she is right but is not considered as correct she cries to make her man say sorry and believe her.
To conclude, it can be said that women are very sentimental and think from heart which is why they are emotional and crying is the only way for them to feel better and forget whatever happened. This is why women cry more than men and is considered week but this is not true. Crying strengthens the heart and makes you strong enough to deal with complications and dis-satisfaction!

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