Monday, November 19, 2012

The 7 Things Why Men Love Women !!!

7-things-women-say-that-make-men-crazy - Why Men Love Women

There may be many things that men hate in women but are you aware of the likes. Well, here are a few things that men go crazy when they look at women. Take a look.
Some men feel that women are the most wonderful creations on earth, it may be falling for beauty, physique and many more. Let's discuss on what are the things that men love in women. Look in detail.
Top 7 Things Men Love About Women -

1. Opposites always attract so there is always something for men that keeps pulling them to women. They love the deep necks, those sensuous eyes, the naughty smile and the hotty legs.

2. Most men love the way women cook. The delicious food is the only way they get pampered and flattered after a day long work load.
3. Men love those tight fit Tee-shirts, low waist jeans and short skirts that women wear. The unnoticing attitude of women make men go crazy.

4. Most guys go gaga when women wear a lip gloss. They tend to faint when women try to set their dress.
5. The stare that women usually give for their men is one more to add. The gaze may be for any reason but some looks make men melt down badly.
6. The sweaty breath, wet hair, damp clothes make men simply think about the women stuff again and again.
7. Men are generally visually aroused. For them, even a touch and a glimpse of woman's unmentionables make their body temperature rise. A dress strap, a revealing deep neck dress, a thin saree itself is enough to imbalance their harmonal levels.

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