Monday, November 19, 2012

Why Men Hate To Commit In A Relationship?

Why Men Hate To Commit In A Relationship? - man thinking - confused

With the cost of living going high day by day and the demands of women simultaneously rising, more and more men plan to stay away from commitments. Men, commitment and relationship is a difficult combination nowadays but the reasons are quite known. Today, we shall discuss on why men stay away from commitments and women. Take a look.
Why Men Hate To Commit In A Relationship?
1. It may be because of their bad past. Divorced parents, day to day arguments in the house might have led to the decision. To him, feelings for the woman may be genuine but to accept the relationship for life would have been a tough decision.
2. Sometimes he may have just got attracted by your looks but may not be impressed with you as a person or your attitude etc. If it is that way, then he will openly avoid you, quarrel and may unwrap the reason why hates you.

3. Physical attraction is another issue. May be your man is impressed about your looks and attitude but you may have disappointed him during the mating times. A hairy body, drooping skin flesh would have easily turned him off if he is a fitness freak.
4. After years of relationship, your boyfriend would have known you thoroughly, at times they get bored of committing with the same person as there are too many girls in the world to choose.
5. And if women act smart and treat the man as just a fling, he would never come back for commitment and relationship.
6. Men would like women to be independent, smart thinking, caring and truthful to plan for a commitment in relationship. These are the general men issues about women and dating.

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