Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why Some Women Attract Bad Relationships?

Why Some Women Attract Bad Relationships? - sad couple - sad man

Bad relationships are like one of those things that happen in life and you have to put them behind you. However, there are some women who show more affinity for emotionally abusive relationships than others. How would you define such a destructive affinity? Is there some thing in the psyche of such women that makes them susceptible to bad relationships? Or is it a conscious choice? Either ways there is something weird about this whole scenario; something deep and dark that commends some exploring.

Love problems are not uncommon and most of us have them at some point of time. But if someone is repeated drawn into emotionally abusive relationships then there must be reason behind it. It could be one of the following.
Why Bad Relationships Attract Some Women?

1. Masochism:
They say that there is a sadistic and a masochistic element in all of us. As long as it is balanced an individual is mentally healthy. When the part of the human mind that craves pain becomes totally dominant then the person becomes a masochist. It is more common among women than men. Such people go about looking for pain and where ever they see signs of bad relationships they are drawn to it like a moth to fire.

2. Self Destructive Personalities:
Some people have the potential to be extremely self destructive and they enjoy the 'high' they get from emotionally ruining themselves. So if you see some girls persistently sticking around with psychotic boyfriends then you can describe them as 'destruction' junkies. Just like adrenaline junkies get a high out of doing mad adventure sports, these woman get a kick out of staking their emotional health on the wrong person.

3. Weakness: 
Some women are emotionally weak. Even if they recognize the signs of a bad relationship they are too scared to walk out of it. Their problem is that they are too insecure about themselves. May be they have a childhood scar or are over weight or the defect they see in themselves is totally fictional. Any way they are constantly trying to fit in and they want only to be accepted. They are afraid to leave a worthless abusive partner because they are not sure if anyone else will like them.

4. Emotional Parasites: 
Some women are the 'abusive' element in a bad relationship. They have no personality or mental strength. They are totally dependent on the man in their life for emotional support. They will never leave him nor allow him to leave them. Such women are passive aggressive. They look like scared kittens so you pity them but they are actually predators who prey on emotions.

Emotionally abusive relationships be it for any of the above personality types must be ended. So women use this love advice for detecting and ending bad relationships.

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