Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is Heartbreak Harder For Men Or Women?

Is Heartbreak Harder For Men Or Women? - broken heart

Women are always known to break hearts and it seems the rate of heartbroken men is much more than women although there isn't a proven record. Today, we shall see the causes that make men deteriorate badly. Take a look.
Women of the present generation find men for many reasons like safety, physical satisfaction, career growth, money etc. And the time they find something better than their present, they move away by breaking up with men.
Men often dream too much about their future life and girlfriend and later get extremely hurt when women don't turn up. There have been many examples where men have even got depressed (mentally ill). After such a tragic, men fail to trust even their genuine pals as the past experiences haunt them badly. These issues spoil their life completely making it almost impossible to start with the new life.
Women after a heartbreak will plan live life single or at least wait until they find the person of their dreams. Women can console themselves better and are patient enough to wait for the positive change.
Nowadays, women are quite tough skinned and do not worry too much on the past (even if they got physical with the person). They always think of being better and take right steps to correct their mistakes.
Men often fail to think otherwise in a relationship, the ego in them makes them over confident and take for granted about the people in their lives. When they have somebody caring for them, they never compliment and when the person plans to move away they are not ready.
Men hurt women and never repent unless the things get very serious, so serious that they feel that the partner might move away. For a woman to break heart, there may be many reasons. Before she plans to break heart of her most loved man, it is important to understand that her heart may be many times shattered by the him.
Heartbreaks may be due to differences in men, women or others but moving on with life, learning from mistakes and giving a better meaning to life is the way to get over with the broken and hurt heart.

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