Sunday, November 18, 2012

How To Become A Perfect & Ideal Girlfriend?

How To Become A Perfect & Ideal Girlfriend? - happy couple

Everyone wishes to have a perfect partner to love and stay happy with. If you desire or dream to get the perfect girlfriend then it is not difficult to search the perfect her! You just need to keep your eyes open and observe her to know if she can be your perfect girlfriend or not. So, women, here are tips to become a good and perfect girlfriend.
Tips to become a good and perfect girlfriend:
1. Don't appear desperate. Be independent without clinging, stalking or sending an over abundance of emails/texts. This irritates men and make you look needy.
2. Give him attention. Yes! Don't just expect to be attention seeker. Your boyfriend will love it if you appreciate him, his dress, his new idea or decision. To become a good girlfriend don't forget him.
3. Don't be close to other male friends. A boyfriend is possessive so he won't like you being friendly and comfortable with male friends. Avoid getting close with your male friends if your man doesn't like it so as to become hid ideal girlfriend.
4. Be simple. Men love to date women who are simple and elegant. Most of the men avoid dating women who party and is too free. Tip to become a good and perfect girlfriend, is to be in your limit. Inform him if you want to do something which requires him to know.
5. Be honest and loyal if you are into a permanent relationship. Don't bring your attitude in between if you are at fault. Saying sorry will not degrade your level in his eyes but increase it. Accepting your mistakes will make him know your honesty.
6. Don't be forceful. If he wants space give him. Don't fight with him for not calling you or meeting you.
7. To become an ideal girlfriend, don't neglect him. Value him and treasure his presence in your life if you want a permanent relationship.
8. Like him the way he is but this doesn't mean you should change yourself completely. Men are dominating and their male ego doesn't let them change according to the situations demand. Take time to change him. Use indirect ways!
9. Don't fall on his shoulders immediately. Take time to if you wish to become an ideal girlfriend material.
10. It is said that to get to a man's heart, the path is through stomach. Cook his favorite dish and surprise him. Look at his satisfied and happy face. Men always want a homely girlfriend for marriage.
Use these tips to become his perfect girlfriend.

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