Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why Men Love Being Single?

Why Men Love Being Single? - attractive man

Men like to be committed but deep inside they wish to be single forever. Men especially the youth want to live a life without any woman for a permanent basis. Why men love to be single? Is it the mental piece or freedom? Check out...
Men love to be single because-

They are free:
Men are free to look at any woman who is attractive. A single man can easily stare at a woman without the fear of getting caught. He is free to flirt and date any woman for a span of time he likes. In short, single men are free from commitment! They love to live a life where they can do things which are off limits. Though this is temporary as young men after reaching maturity needs the support of a female who will stand beside him forever.

They can easily save:
Yes! Men love to be single because they save lots of money which otherwise would be wasted on gifts for girlfriends. To keep a girlfriend happy, man has to spend money on gifts to impress her and fulfill his needs. By being single, a man can have good savings.

I'm first: 
Almost all single man is happy because he has to think about himself first and then worry about other things. Single men love to prioritize themselves and like to be an introvert. Thinking about his girlfriend first makes a man more depressed and filled with burden.

Better concentration:
Single men have no worries from girlfriends and have time to think and concentrate on their professional lives. This way they are more focused towards their objective and are out of the world of conflict, adjustment, changes, romance etc. temporary romance are their preferences as single men love being single!

These are the common reasons as to know why men love to be single!

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