Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 5 things That Make Men Attractive For Women !!!

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Ask women and they will list a few things that make them go gaga over men. There are certain things that women fall for and even surrender selves for life. Let's discuss on those top 5s. Every man has his own style and charm in attracting women.
If attitude, communication, humour, qualification are some of the aspects there are some more than these. Physical attraction is the highest of all as women fall for it before they know the person. Here are some ideas for men to get attractive and get a chance to create a magnetic field around the love of their dreams.

Top 5 Ideas For Men To Attractive Women

1. Body Odour 
If a man smells good, it means he is very confident, focused and knows what he wants. The perfume that he uses talks about his class and standard lifestyle. He is a man of taste and you can be confident that if he chooses you then you too are no less.

2. Strict About Fit  
The metrosexual men of the generation are fitness freaks. They are early risers, they exercise, do gymming and never over eat. They are aware of how much and what they eat. These aspects also express their disciplinary living and health conciousness.

3. Style Sense  
A man attracts 50% women by his style sense. His neatly ironed formal wear, polished shoes or clean casuals will make women talk about their well organised behaviour. They know what suits their personality and that's the secret of improving self confidence.

4. Smile & Eye Contact
If a man's smiles, it shatters the woman's resistance to stare at things around. Smile explains the person's like minded behaviour, his humbleness and calmness which many men lack with. A sweet communication with the eye contact and a good smile can make 100% difference.
The love and care for the woman is expressed through eyes. No verbal expression can be as special as this.

5. Masculinity 
The body language, reaction to issues and most importantly, his physical assets will make a woman feel worth having him as a partner. The well toned, shaved body disturbs the lady mentally and physically leading to the spontaneous hormone production.

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