Thursday, November 15, 2012

6 Mantras That Make A Man Irresistible!

Dene-Cleo - 6 Mantras That Make A Man Irresistible! - handsome man guy

Do you wish to be a man who just cannot let his girlfriend do anything but simply pounce on him? Well, it is too easy if you follow these simple tips. You cannot miss to have a look at these if you wish to be an irresistable man.

A well toned body, smart attitude and right talking are the top three things in men that make women extremely difficult to resist. There are some more added to this list for attracting women.

Things That Make A Man Irresistible To A Woman

1. Dress Hot & Smell Cool 
You make an entry into a place where you find a hot girl waiting, your sensuous body odour and styling need to talk to make her get bowled over by you. As you continue with conversation, she is simply mesmerised by your looks and will not take much time to ask you for another meet.

2. Act Easy 
Just because her body temperature is rising high looking at you, there isn't any need to worry. Pretend as if you know nothing about girls and start a conversation chewing a mouth freshner. (Note that your bad breath can make her take a 'u' turn in her decisions about you). Do not over talk about self. Always complement when you meet a girl.

3. Are You Making Faces 
Do not over react to things when you meet a woman, take a chill-pill. If you couldn't get a topic to talk, try to order something and ask her about her favourites. Do not joke or fret too much. Smile whenever you feel is appropriate. Maintain an eye contact when she is conversing.

4. You Will Be A Secret Book 
Don't be very predictable, avoid talking about friends and family as it is too early for all that. Get general with discussion such as movies, celebs, etc. Limit your meet for an hour.

5. You Are not Jobless 
Even if you are still studying it means that you do not like to work at the age. She needs to know that you like travelling, adventure or sports and have a passion for these. Girls like men with interests so tell her about your passion. Passion is the irresistible quality of a man.

6. Nobody Can Beat You In Romance 
Make your woman want you, get irresistible but inviting her for a dance. Your moves should be as if you are appreciating her beauty and she too will not take time to compliment your appreciation.

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