Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Propose Boyfriend For Marriage?

How To Propose Boyfriend For Marriage - Couple-Night-Date

Want to get married to your long time boyfriend but waiting for him to propose? Well, few men are scared to propose marriage and can take long time to finally say it. If you wait for him to say then you will get old. If you want to take an initiative by proposing marriage to your boyfriend, then here are few proposal ideas which he can't refuse!

Ideas to propose boyfriend for marriage:

Marry me! I'll be available 27*7:
If your boyfriend always wishes to be with you, try this way to propose him for marriage. Also say that if he gets married, you will be there to care for him and make him tasty food every evening after he returns from office.

Marry me! You are getting old!:
This is little tricky and should be said with wit and humour. Take a flower or ring and then say these words. Remember, it should not hurt his ego. Add by saying, “I don't want to get old and get married."

Write 'marry me' on a chit:
If you are shy to propose your boyfriend for marriage, write on a chit and place it front of a bedside table so that he can see it easily. You can even put a rose over the chit to make it romantic for him. Sometimes men like romance especially when they are proposed.

Wear a t-shirt with the tee:
Men like to be loved and this is a nice idea to propose your boyfriend for marriage. Wear a t-shirt saying 'Marry me!" and see the smile on his face. He can't say no!

You complete me. Lets stay together, forever....:
You can say this to your boyfriend and propose him for marriage. It is very touchy and can melt a man's heart in seconds. Tell him honestly. Hold his hands and look into his eyes while saying these words.

Try these ideas to propose your boyfriend for marriage. Be confident about your decision and make him feel that you two complete each other!

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