Thursday, November 15, 2012

Signs Of Getting Dumped By Girlfriend !!!

Signs Of Getting Dumped By Girlfriend! - sad unhappy couple

Getting dumped would not be such a pain only if you were forewarned. What hurts most is the shock and the humiliation of the whole incident. You had been happily sleeping in your bed, watching football with friends and your girl planned every thing behind your back. It is the betrayal that hurts more than the break up. But now you do not have to go through hell if your girlfriend dumps you. You actually look for these breakup signs in your girl's behavior and be prepared for the worst. Who knows you even prevent getting dumped.
To know if your girlfriend is about to dump you then she will definitely drop you some hints and here are some obvious ones.

Ways To Know You Are Getting Dumped:

1. You call her repeatedly but her phone remains busy and she doesn't bother to call you back inspite of the missed called. 
It basically means that she does not consider you to be her priority any more. Earlier when may have disconnected the call to talk to you but now it seems that she has decided not to give you that privilege. Girls may get chatty with their girlfriends but they would never ignore their special someone for the same. So she might already be exploring new horizons!

2. She avoids meeting you alone.
It is usually guys who are tactless enough to think that going out in groups is really fun. Girls like their privacy and actually get annoyed if their boyfriend insists on going out with a group of friends, especially for movies. If your girlfriend avoids being alone with you then she is having second thoughts and is reluctant to solve whatever relationship problems you are having.

3. You call her for a date and she doesn't turn up or informs you late that she won't make it.
It shows that she thought about coming but didn't in the end. You can still get her back if you find out what the problems are but you have to recognise these signs of a break up that is impending.

4. She talking to her friend but stops abruptly when you enter the room.
Dude you really finished. Either she is telling her girlfriend a really nasty secret about you or justifying her reasons for dumping you soon. If your girlfriend wants to dump you then you will see it from the half guilty expression on her face.

5. She says that she needs space.
If she says this then it is all over; you are sure of getting dumped sooner or later. This line is never used by women, it is what we guys say when we are getting a little tired of our girl's vigilance. But when a girls needs space, it spells doom.

Use these relationship tips to know when you are getting dumped and be prepared.

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