Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Forget Your Ex Forever? - Tips

How To Forget Your Ex Forever- sad bride - man ignoring woman

'It is very easy to forgive but extremely hard to forget'. Life, after splitting up from a years long relationship isn't easy and cool. Past keeps haunting, the happy and emotional moments keep interfering with the present. Your new partner may be the best woman in the world but your ex, your first love has made it extremely difficult for you to live. How to forget that ex forever? How to give justice to the new girl in life? Is what we will be discussing today. Take a look.
Ways To Forgive Ex Forever
1. Make a list of the all the bad things she did to you. Obviously, it will be hurting but the list of irritating things she did will make you feel that you took the worst decision. Everytime you think of her, take a look at the paper and get relieved from the tragic love story.
2. Know what your ex is upto, if she is too happy being single or has found somebody to mingle, feel proud that she didn't deserve you. Or if you still find your partner leading a low profile lifestyle, it only means she is repenting for losing you so feel happy.
3. If you had your part in breaking up with the girl, do not commit the mistakes with the present one. Learn from the past and move on. You cannot get your ex back as she has already known what type of a man you are. While your new girlfriend is yet to know you so be good and prove her that you were and are a great lover.
4. We know that it is hard to get the same kind of love on your new girlfriend so our relationship advice for you is make a list of all the good things about the girl and have a look at it often to feel good and develop love towards the girl.
5. One of the best ways to forget ex forever is by making out with the present. The physical intimacy will make you get close with the partner and get started with the new life.
Understand that your past relationship is past and see to it that it doesn't disturb your present. Make use of these tips and have a healthy relationship with the new found girl.

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