Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why Men Get Bored Of Relationships?

Why Men Get Bored Of Relationships? - bored couple

Men change after few months or years of relationship. Why? Do they lose interest in you? Well, may be but actually men get bored of relationship, mainly because of lack of interest in lovemaking or understanding. There are several reasons as to why men get bored and take the relationship as a burden after a span of time. Here are few reasons to know why men get bored of relationship.

Lack of love and lust: 
A healthy relationship should have love and romance every time. Due to hectic schedule and responsibilities, often you forget to spend time with him and this gives him too much space to start staying without you. It is very important to keep the spark of love and lust alive as men feel physical bonding is equally crucial to the mental one.

Regular fights: 
When there are too many fights and unnecessary arguments on silly issues, men gradually start losing interest in women and feel that staying alone or with friends is better than being with the fighting woman.

When you demand marriage:
Men avoid giving commitments and women date only on the basis of commitment. If you are in a serious relationship, she will expect you to take it further by marrying. Men feel marriage is a trap from which they can't come out. Most of the men get bored of their relationship when they start conversing about marriage.

Interest in other woman: 
One common reason behind the lack of interest in the present love is the third date. Falling for another woman can make a man think less about you and more about her. Double timing is the most widely seen reason behind men getting bored of relationship.

Lovemaking is boring:
A man's first feeling towards a woman is of lust mainly because of their human nature. They fall in love and after a span of time, even the lust goes away. Break the monotony and try new ways to satisfy him in bed. This way he will stick to you and would want you every time.

Lack of space:
Too much of communication can be harmful for a relationship. It is good if your man enjoys his own space. Don't interfere in all the matters unless he feels like discussing. It is very important to understand a man and give him space when he wants. This way he will not get bored of relationship and would instead require your support. Too much of dominance is not liked by any man.

These are the common reasons behind men who get bored of relationship.

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