Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trying To Make The First Move? - Dating Tips

Trying To Make The First Move? - Dating Tips - shy man

Even though it is the 21st century, girls, even now, wait for boys to strike a conversation, make the first move and propose in a relationship. But sometimes they even lose their partner expecting things from the man's end. Never make a mistake of waiting for the right moment to express love. Unwrap all your feelings and present it the best way to get the man you always dreamt. Here are some tips.
Dating Tips For Women Who Want To Make The First Move

1. If the man you are too fond off is a common friend, try meeting him often and make it look like as if it is a coincidence. Meeting often will help you understand the individual well and plan for the first move.

2. If you found him on a social network, try sending him a request and if he accepts your request, strike a conversation through chat. Remind him the last time you met and what you liked about him.

3. If you hardly know him, try talking about some general stuff that both have a common opinion (negative or positive). You can start talking on topics like traffic jam, the freezing weather or about the recent accident.

4. Compliment play an prominent role in building a good conversation with partner. Tell him that you like his style sense, his smile or the way he talks. Make an eye contact and that will hint him that you like him.

5. Wear a revealing dress and act romantic. Singing and dancing are the best ways to make first move with the person you hardly know. Even boys will try to make their first move when they look at hot women.

6. When you know that the man shares something in common with you continue till the end and ask him if he will be interested to join you on a date.

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