Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Know He Wants You Back?

How To Know He Wants You Back? - man groping a woman

After a break up, the couple might decide to move on and might actually be trying, but is it easy? Break up can be due to many reasons such as lack of love, understanding, trust, loyalty to name a few. After a break up, couples part their ways to forget each other. What if your ex wants to get back to you? Check out the signs to know if your ex wants to get back in your life.

Signs to know that he wants you back:

Grabs attention: 
If he wants you back, he will try to get your attention towards him. It can be a show of his new girlfriend or some drama to express his need to have you back in his life. If he is dramatic, he will lie about what he is doing to stay away from you. It can be fake or true!

Calls you in a drunken state:
Men are emotional when they are drunk and the urge to talk to his love will force him to call. In a drunken state, men need support and this is the sign to know that your ex wants to get you back. It can also be a text message and broken sentences or spelling mistakes can make it clear that he is drunk, broken and wants you badly!

Still in touch: 
A sudden call from him just to know about your health is a sign that he wants you back. He will call you for no reason and would find excuses to talk to you. If he is madly in love with you, his ego will not be important as he will initiate every time.

Disturbing your close/mutual friend:
If your ex wants to get back with you, he will try to convince your close/mutual friend who knows about your relationship with him. He will share his problems and try to get to you indirectly.

These are the common signs to know that your ex wants to get back to you and start afresh.

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