Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Men Don't Say 'I Love You' All The Time?

I love you

Men cannot express themselves through words and women are just the opposite. Women are expressive and don't hesitate to use words as a medium to express themselves. Men on the other side, keep things to themselves and seldom they will come up to you and tell anything. Although the man takes an initiative to propose you, later on, you are the one who keeps saying the three beautiful and magical words, "I love you!"
Many a times, I see women forcing their boyfriends to say these breathtaking words to her. Why do you have to force your man to say the magical words? Why don't men say 'I love you' on their own? Lets check the reasons behind this behaviour in men.

Why men don't say 'I love you'?

Its weird to them:
Saying 'I love you' every time before cutting the call is actually weird. You might feel good but, you have to understand the timing and situation. Out of the blue, you cannot say "I love you". For example, you are complaining about something that has been worrying you since a long time. But, before disconnecting the call, you would say I love you from nowhere. Come on! It is not a compulsion. You should say it when you are actually in a romantic mood!

Why repeat when you know it:
As you two are dating, it is not a criteria to say these astonishing words all the time! You know that your man loves you and it should be clear. Men don't like to say "I love you" all the time because they feel that their partners know it. So it is not compulsory to use these words before ending the call or before bidding good night.

Too fake:
Saying the sensational words every time can be fake. Even if you are not in a good mood, you have to say it just because your partner wants to hear this from you. You might say just to make her happy but, in your mind, you will think that you were fake which is not your cup of tea!

I am shy:
Imagine your girlfriend is asking you to say "I love you" when you are with your friends or family. In front of others, it is quiet shy to say these words and make your partner happy. This is one of the reasons why men don't like to say 'I love you' all the time.

It is not a duty:
Well, you are dating but, this doesn't mean that it is his duty to express that he loves you. It should come from the heart and not as a duty for a relationship. Do not take your man for granted and force him to oblige by his duty!

The words lose its importance:
When your man says I love you before going to sleep, you just feel like you are in a heaven. But, if you keep listening these astonishing words all day long, the value of the special magic will go in vain. You will gradually lose interest when he will express himself.

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