Friday, November 9, 2012

If Girlfriend Is Still In Touch With Ex !!!

ex-contact - If Girlfriend Is Still In Touch With Ex - secret call

When you are out of a relationship, you tend to severe all ties with your partner or rather ex partner. Dating and break ups are like changing nail polish colours these days. You start dating on Monday and next Saturday, you break up for no reason. This is nothing unusual as the youth is impatient and too unstable to think of a serious relationship.

Break up is no more a big thing for young couples. Generally, both men and women do not stay in touch after the break up but, there are few cases where the couple is still in touch even after a break up. However, this is a cool idea and requires a lot of strength to be in contact with your ex (if you really loved him or her), there are few complications that your ex can bring in your present life. Lets check out few problems that might turn up if your girlfriend is still in touch with her ex.

Your present partner may have complications with you. He might agree with the idea of keeping contact with your ex but there is a complexity hidden deep inside his thoughts. It is nothing strange. Complexity will come when he sees his girlfriend talking about the good qualities of her ex.

Insecure feeling:
Even if you are friendly with your ex partner, your present mate will think that there is something cooking between you and your ex boyfriend. No matter how much you explain, your partner will be insecure. For example, you go out shopping with your ex boyfriend. You have informed your partner but still, you will keep getting constant calls from him asking you to return as soon as possible.

You might have moved on in your life and started loving someone else. Even your ex is committed to someone but, doubt never goes away. Just get into your partner's shoes and think if you can see him hanging around with his ex girlfriend or not!

Is it still friendship?:
Being friends after a break up is rarely seen. There are very few cases where the ex mates become good buddies for lifetime. Somewhere, love is still hidden and the proximity can arouse it any day. You might feel uncomfortable at times while being alone with your ex partner. Moreover, if your ex was physically involved with you, controlling physical urges is really difficult at times. You can lie to your present partner but just answer for yourself, "Is it really friendship?"

These are few complications that can creep up in your present relationship if you keep in touch with your ex.

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