Friday, November 9, 2012

When Partner Stays With Family...

When Partner Stays With Family...

When you are dating, you want to be with the lover all the time. These days couple at are ease as many of them stay away from their houses. Be it a student or a working professional, many youngsters shift to different places to achieve their goals. Dating is not difficult when you are staying alone. But, there are some of us who stay with families and dating for them is a big problem. Maintaining a relationship is worse.
Complications that you face if your partner stays with family:

Difficult to meet:
You could have easily planned a date if your partner was staying alone. When the families are not aware of the love affair, it becomes very difficult to maintain the secret affair. Girls often face too many questions before going out of the house without a valid reason or some proof. Bringing friends home or asking them to take your parents' permission for a night out are few classic examples to justify this point.

I would like to explain this point through an example. Your partner keeps calling you after a small tiff but, you do not receive the call. You are busy with your family members and cannot pick up his or her call. Later when you call and explain, your partner will only think that you are making excuses. This leads to a misunderstanding.

No night calls:
If your partner is staying with the family, do not expect him or her to give you a call at night. You have to sleep without listening to your partner's voice. It might be difficult to adjust with this in the beginning of the relationship but, with the passage of time and understanding, you will be fine with the problem. This will be beneficial for the couple as this is the time when you actually come to know the value of your partner in your life!

When your partner stays with the family, it becomes a risky affair. Secret love affair is filled with risks and fear. The risk is more and you will always be scared. Hiding down the stairs or going to the terrace and talking is risky. Every time you have to turn around to make sure that no family member catches you chatting with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

These are few problems that you can face if your partner is staying with family. If you are dating a person who is not free like you, you have to understand the situation and complications that can turn up. Be safe and supportive to make your amazing relationship work.

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