Friday, November 9, 2012

Most Irritating Male Habits !!!

Most Irritating Male Habits - conflict in a relationship

A behaviour of a person makes you judge the nature and attitude of the individual towards you. A few typical traits of a person can only annoy you to the fullest and test your patience. Couple fights are nothing unusual. Both men and women have few flaws in them. Here we are trying to read a man and answer few questions of women. Here are few typical behavioural traits of a man that can raise you to your saturation point.
Most irritating habits of men:

Match dates are more important: 
Sports is of interest to a majority of men. They will remember the dates of the next match but will forget your birthday or in worst cases, anniversary date. This is a typical behaviour of a man that can annoy a woman easily. Well, women also find it difficult to stay with a person who gives more priority to sports and not to her. If you sit and start a questionnaire on both relationship and his favourite sport, you will definitely win the game as your man would not remember most of the things about your relationship.

Throwing clothes around: 
Men do not mind staying in a messy house. They are not used to cleaning and housekeeping. Here the opposite genders face a big fight. Women want cleanliness and men are too careless to keep their stuff in the right place. Throwing wet towel on the bed or leaving dirty shoes socks on the floor are few examples to explain this typical male behaviour that annoys women.

Why can't you say sorry?:
Firstly, they will throw tantrums and blame you for no reason. Secondly, they will hardly apologize for their mistakes. Male ego is the reason behind it. Common! You two are in a relationship and ego should not be there when love is all around. Dominance is a stereotypical nature of a man. Controlling his woman and dominating her is what makes a man happy and proud.

Lazy on holidays: 
On weekdays, a man is completely consumed with work. So, a woman cannot expect some quality time with her man on weekdays. When the weekends approach, she has few plans in mind that can be only implemented if her man is in! Ultimately, what happens? He is lazy on weekends and would delay the plan to next week. On weekends, most of the men would become a couch potato or just sleep through the day. Another one of the irritating male habits.

How much ever you dress up and get ready to impress him, he would always try to tease you and, unintentionally make you feel bad. It is out of fun and this behaviour of a man is nothing unusual. Stop reacting to it so that you two do not fight every time he teases you for wearing something odd or cooking something new.

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