Friday, November 9, 2012

Is He The Right One For You?

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When you start dating, you only think about what is right and what is wrong in the relationship. If you are just having fun with your partner to enjoy the present, you will not bother about the future of the relationship. But, if you are planning to date a serious person, you go on a hunt and start testing him or her. "Is he or she marriage material?" "Can I adjust with him or her all my life?" etc... A woman finds it difficult to read a man's mind. So, here are few ways to know if he is the right choice for you or not.

When he accepts you the way you are:
This is one of the most important ways to know if he is adjustable with you or not. Many partners want to change their other halves according to their wishes and likes. Well, it is not possible to bring a change. If you love something but your man doesn't, normally, he will react and make you change your likes. However, there are very few who would accept you the way you are. If your man is not having any problems with your lifestyle and views towards issues, he is the right choice for you.

When he doesn't mind helping you: 
Male ego is one of the biggest drawbacks of a relationship. According to men, kitchen is the department of women. They will never enter the household chores to help the women out. However, there are few men who treat women as their equals. Helping in the kitchen to cook a meal or providing sufficient help when you are too busy with household chores makes it clear that he is a loving man who is definitely marriage material.

When he supports you: 
Often you might require his support when you are feeling low or facing some problems. If he is a true lover, he will definitely come down to help you out with your troubles. You might help him and support him in every walk of life. But, the original test of men comes when you need their support. Does he stand beside you and support you? If so, then he is the right choice for you.

The way he cooks:
Men are not into cooking. But, these days, men who stay far from their families have to spend some time in the kitchen. In this period of time, most of them learn how to cook. If the man cooks excellent food, he is a marriage material. Do not think that if your man doesn't cook well then he is not a good choice for you. If his attempts are worth observing, do not dump him on the basis of the taste of food.
These are few ways to know if a man is good for you or not. Dominance, lack of understanding and trust shows that you might not be able to deal with such men after a duration of time.

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