Friday, November 9, 2012

When Saying 'Sorry' Is A Must..

Saying i'm Sorry - teddy bear - gift

Saying sorry to your partner is the easiest way to end a fight but also the hardest test for your ego. Apology in a relationship tells you whether your ego triumphs over your love or vice versa. An apology from either side is the best way to mend a relationship that has become sour. It could also be the best way to lift your partner's drooping spirits. Either ways, it becomes inevitable to say sorry under certain circumstances.
Here some of the most important occasions on which saying sorry with save your skin and relationship

When Saying Sorry Is A Must..

Movie was at 7 and you have turned up at 8. And from sheer bad luck, the tickets are also with you. If you are serious about saving your relationship, "Sorry" should be the first word you utter to your angry partner. After you have calmed his/her anger, buy the tickets to the next show if possible and make up for your carelessness.

You lied to her that you were at work when you were actually watching a football match with your friends. When she finds out, there will be hell to pay and she eventually will find out. First of all it is better to tell the true but if you don't and she finds out start off by saying sorry. It always helps you can also make a sad puppy dog face while apologising.

He/She cooked for you and you had dinner outside with your friends. Well if the dinner was a surprise then there is really not much you can do. But if he or she told you and you forgot, then it is best to apologise genuinely. Your partner is going to make you stuff the food he or she has cooked anyway, so can also say sorry to your poor stomach too. After all, it is your stomach who is going bear the brunt of the extra food.
You smashed his new car. He must have told you innumerable times to stay away from the car, but you decided to take a test drive. Nasty luck got you into a tough spot and the car got scratched. Surprise is your secret weapon in this case. To save your relationship, spring an apology on him. Before he has the time to react, say sorry so many times that he just cannot be cross with you.

You forgot to pick him or her up from the airport. Well you may not have forgotten, you might have just overslept on that fateful day but that excuse will not help your cause. The only way to mend the relationship is to turn up at his or her doorstep with a bouquet of flowers and a big 'Sorry' card.
Saying sorry should not hurt the ego. This is because, it doesn't matter who wins or loses, you will always win as a couple.

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