Friday, November 9, 2012

Must-Have Stages In A Relationship...

Must-Have Stages In A Relationship - two lovers holding hands on a beach

Every relationship goes through many stages before it reaches a full grown maturity. When we fall in love, we lose our balance in the flow of things. A relationship is much more than just love, passion and having fun. A relationship is like a plant; once you sow the seed you have to water it and give it sunlight to grow or else, it will die an untimely death. Similarly, a relationship needs time and efforts to grow into a strong bond.
There are 5 stages of a relationship that you must go through before you say 'I do' or take the plunge. If you have not gone through all these stages then probably you are taking a decision too soon.

5 Stages Of A Relationship That You Must Go Through:

1. Breaking The Ice:
The beginning of every relationship is shaky. We are always tensed about being on our best behaviour, a bit too eager to please and generally very 'proper' around our significant other. But this cannot go on forever. In fact, if your relationship has to mature above the first stage, then you need to break the ice. This happens when you have your first awkward moment together like a loud belch while eating or an open zip that draws his or her attention.

2. Getting The Label:
'Label' here is not a negative term. You are not getting labelled or branded for something wrong. It is the time when you get introduced in his friend circle as his 'girlfriend' or vice versa. You are officially the 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' now. No matter how open we become about relationships, this action still helps to have that sense of belonging and security.

3. The Splitting Fight:
You are not in a real relationship until you have at least one fight that makes you want to break up. You cannot be nice to your partner all the time while being in a relationship. There will be times that you will say hurtful and insulting things to your partner. You will pack your bags promising never to come back. The important thing however is that how much you miss each other, regret your indiscretions and get back together with renewed vigour.

4. Welcome To The Family:
Meeting each others families is one of the most difficult stages in a relationship. In the cosmopolitan set-up that we live in, two people belonging to different religions, cultures, probably speaking different languages can fall in love. But the families sometimes, refuse to 'fall in love'. It depends on you two as a couple to figure that out. Just be yourself when you meet his/her family because it is always better that they dislike you for what you actually are than like you for what you are not.

5. The Crisis In The Relationship:
Nothing can be stable forever Turmoil and crisis give birth to new things in life. A crisis in your relationship will make you come closer and help you see the true colours of your lover. It could be anything, the death of a family member, losing your job or having a serious illness.

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