Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Types Of Freaks You Shouldn't Date

5 Types Of Freaks You Shouldn't Date - woman hate man - kill - gun

It is your first date and you have put on your best clothes to make yourself presentable. You go to meet your date with a sense of possibility bouncing inside you and poooh, you have ended up on a date with a freak again! It is really amazing to find out the number of freaks that do the rounds these days. Whether it is social networking websites, online dating sites or even your friend circle, the eventuality of ending up on bad dates has increased greatly.
Here is a list of some of the craziest freaks we meet on first dates. Make sure you do not end up with such freaks on a date.
Freaks You Meet On Bad Dates:

The Spiritual Freak: 
These days spirituality is becoming a commercial fad. Every dissatisfied soul seeks solace in the spiritual 'guru' of the neighbourhood. If you date a spiritual freak, you will end up at meditation classes instead of a movie theatre. Beware of 'I have found peace' and 'I love the entire Universe' speeches.
The Control Freak: For the first couple of dates, you may not realise that you are dating a control freak. But, you will realise in a week that you are dating a freak when he or she starts deciding the colour of your clothes, arranging your cab for office and even choosing from the menu for you. Beware of glib talkers, they are worst of the lot!

The Romantic Freak:
You might even enjoy being with the Prince Charming or Damsel in Distress from the fairytale. But after all, we are all modern mortals who actually believe that an overdose of romance is bad for health. When we face too much romance, we get sick and bored of it. That is why, it is better to steer clear from a date who sees the moon in your face and is willing to lay down his heart under your feet!

The Fitness Freak: 
This is a category of freaks who are invading the dating market. They are a whole lot of people who follow a healthy lifestyles and consider it their moral duty to reform those of us who don't. They will keep coaxing you to join a gym and make you feel guilty every time you order burger and fries! If you cannot enjoy your meal on a date, then it is certainly a bad date.

The Welfare Freak: 
It is for people like these that a whole of Non Government Organisations are doing good work for the society. No offence guys; but how would you like to hear about the starving children on your date? The trouble with going on a date with welfare freaks is that they are always in a crisis mode. Sometimes, it seems to suck the happiness out of your life.

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