Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Group Dating Is A Bad Idea?

Why Group Dating Is A Bad Idea - friends - party

How often has a mutual friend asked you out? Many times probably. Our friend circle is the best way to meet that special someone we would like to date. However, it is not always the best place to choose from. Many a times we see two best girlfriends dating 2 best boyfriends. One dating couple make their friends get together and then they are all dating in a group.

While this might seem like lots of fun, it can lead to some unforeseen problems. Here are some of the reasons why you should be skeptical about group dating.
The Unique Problems Of Group Dating:

Lack Of Privacy:
When you are friend's with your girlfriend's best friend's boyfriend, how can you expect anything to remain secret? The girls are probably discussing your 'personal assets' by now and comparing who is better in bed. And yet, you all have to meet each other socially and maintain a straight face.

Everything Is A Group Affair:
Every time you plan an outing with your girlfriend, a whole lot of other couples get involved in it. When you finally go for that outing, the girls are giggling in a group and the guys are playing football. You get very little personal time with your special someone.

Fights Become Public:
If your two friends in the same group had a fight, it is sure to filter down to you. She will blame your friend and you will feel honour bound to defend him. As a result, you will have a fight and that make matters worse for the couple who is already fighting! What a mess!

There is no civil way to breakup: 
If you realise that you and your boyfriend are not made for each other, then breakup will be a nasty affair. You cannot end your relationship without affecting your friend's relationship. Many a times people stay in bad relationships for a long because of their moral obligation towards their friends. They think that they are upholding the guy code or the pinky swear they made to their friends.

Friends No More:
Group dating can really complicate your interpersonal relationships. Suppose your girlfriend has a fight with her best friend; you will be expected to take sides. The fight then produces a hostility between you and your best friend. Will dating couples move apart as couples or as friends? That is the big question.
Group dating in general is a complicated affair. So, better to stay away from it and keep your life simple.

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