Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Women Don't Like Macho Men?

Why Women Don't Like Macho Men - men fighting over woman - girl

Being a macho man may be a man's dream, but is it really what women want? The answer from a majority of women would be 'no'. These days women seem to hate men who are excessively 'macho'. Once upon a time, being the epitome of manliness was a sure shot way to win a woman's heart. Now a days, women have changed and so has the definition of masculinity.

By macho, we would mean a man who is all bulked up, aggressive and walks with a stance as if daring someone to challenge him. A real life Terminator you could say.

Why women these days do not prefer men who are macho? Lets find out why....

1. They Fake It:
Most women tend to think that men usually fake it. There is a tremendous pressure on men to behave like 'real men'. They have weird stereotypes like men don't cry or display emotion. So this whole process of living up to name, makes it a fake stance.

2. They Are Cruel: 
While men think that aggressiveness is a quality that women admire, women have a slightly different take on it. Too much off aggressiveness can be bad for a stable relationship. Many women hate men who are aggressive because they think them to be prospective wife beaters!

3. They Are Incapable Of Love: 
What women really want is love and there can be no love without tenderness. The 'real men' refuse to show emotion, how can you expect tenderness from them? Women ask themselves questions like, 'will he cry if I leave him?' or 'will he care for me when I am sick?' If the answers are not positive, they steer away from such relationships.

4. They Make Bad Fathers: 
When a man looks at a woman, he is seeing a mate for himself. When a woman looks at a man, she is accessing him much more. What women really want is a good father for their children. Most often men who are macho, fail to pass this 'fatherhood test' because they refuse to show compassion.

5. They Are Difficult To Leave: 
Not every relationship will end in marriage. So, it is best not to get into a relationship with someone who will be difficult to leave. Macho men have huge egos and get vexed very easily. The collective female experience says that dating such types of men lead to bad and difficult breakups. Why tangle yourself in such troubles when you can be forewarned.

The crux of the matter is that, you can only scratch the surface of a woman's heart by being a macho. To infiltrate her heart you need much more than that.

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