Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Men Cheat & Break Hearts?

Why Men Cheat & Break Hearts? - cheating

Most of the times, men are the ones who cheat women and spoils the relationship. Why do men cheat? Why do they lie to women and break their hearts? These are the common questions which captures the mind of a woman after getting cheated. The worst thing a woman can get is a cheating partner who plays with her feelings and emotions and finally cheat her for another women. If you want to know why men cheat, read on...

Why men cheat and break hearts?

Physical cravings: 
Men are crazy for lovemaking and they get carried away whenever they see an attractive woman. Any man will at least stare at the woman who crosses by. The attention can be temporary or can last for few days therefore forcing him to try and get her regardless of the commitment.

Men lose interest easily and this is why they get bored with the passage of time. For a man, lovemaking is what describes love but for a woman, caring and romance describes love. Boredom in lovemaking and lack of intimacy makes men to get his needs fulfilled through other women.

Men are considered flirts and if the man's second nature is flirting, he can't stick to one woman ever. His nature will make him try on other women. This is one of the common reasons as to why men cheat.

Strong woman: 
If the other woman is strong enough to grab the attention of the man, he can get carried away. However, bad relationship between the partners also makes them frustrated to go for other options.

Men cheat women because the comparison with the present and new one takes a 2:9 ratio. Suddenly he finds flaws in the present partner and the other woman looks the best who is not like the present woman. This attracts men to cheat women and break their hearts for their selfish motives.

These are the common reasons why men cheat and break womens heart.

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