Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Are Men So Silly?

Why Are Men So Silly? - sad couple

Ask women, and they will say, to find the right prince they had to kiss many frogs which means not all men are a boyfriend material. Some may look very cool but become extremely difficult to handle because of the silly behavior. Today, we will discuss a few reasons why men act silly and what do they really want from women. Take a look.
Reasons Why Men Are Silly
1. Men act silly when they find their women checking out other guys but what's wrong in looking?. They don't want straight forward women but would force their girlfriends to pretend to be someone else and show loyalty in these ways. (Which means it is ok if the girl is looking in the guy's absence). Guys need to admire girls for their frankness. Not all girls will look at guys with a bad intention.
2. Silly men can never understand the mood swings in women, they call it 'chameleon' behavior. But the truth is that women undergo a lot of hormonal changes every month and may not have the same temperament all the time. The stress, pain and body changes will make them weak and at that time, they prefer being alone.
3. Silly men like modern girls with mean mentality. They like women who just leave them have a good time with friends and not disturb them by calling. This means they are teaching women to just think of themselves (get selfish) and pass time anyway they want.
4. It is hard to deal with men who want them to be priority in their women's lives. They want them to leave their profession and plan up future according their taste. Women hardly get any choices to make all their life.
5. What men want is that they need to be a super hero for their girlfriend. Whether the girl thinks that way or not but she needs to tell him that he is the man of her dreams and not even a 'hollywood star' can be a match to his personality.
If you haven't found a partner yet then choose that Mr. Right based on these guidelines. If the guy you meet is found to match these points then our relationship advice for you is simply forget the silly man and move on.

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