Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deal With Boyfriend Who Demands Space !!!

Deal With Boyfriend Who Demands Space

Does your boyfriend often annoy you asking for more space for himself? Well, you would require a few tips to tackle these boyfriend types. Take a look.
When boyfriends ask for space they often forget that even they need to give the same space for their girlfriend. Will they allow their girlfriend to wear whatever they want, will they allow their partner to get drunk and dance all night, will they be happy if the girl doesn't pick their calls, well no, never would they digest these things and hardly realise that these are a 'space of freedom' for girls.
Just demanding space is no big deal. There needs to be a thorough justification as to why they need space and if they needed then why interfere in the girl's life and seek answers to their doubts. Here are the ways to tackle it smartly.
Ways To Deal With Boyfriend Who Demands Space -
1. Ask him to meet you for a coffee and get it cleared as to how much space does he want. Tell him that the same amount of space applies to your life too and stand by it. It is best to get cleared about what is 'ok' and 'not ok' in the relationship.
2. Sometimes it is best to let it go than crib over things so trust him and chillax in life. When you get lenient, life is more easy and the idea also allows you to maintain a healthy relationship.
3. You are been given some bonus time so pamper yourself with a body massage or other relaxation ways to keep yourself cool and engaged. Shopping and hanging around friends will help stay busy and have fun.
4. Set a time table for housekeeping, clean stuff and get engaged in being a good home maker. A clean home will help you think new and get different ideas about life.
5. Contact old friends and keep in touch with family. Going to family get-togethers and meeting new people helps you build a good friend circle as well as understand different mentalities of people.

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