Saturday, November 17, 2012

How To Become A Bad Boy & Impress Her?

How To Become A Bad Boy & Impress Her? - happy couple

Women love to date bad boy and becoming a bad boy is really easy. All you need is confidence and the right attitude to hit on women. Women know that bad boys are never serious and are big flirts but even after knowing this, they love dating bad boys. Therefore, take a look at the tips to become a bad boy and impress a girl.

How to become a bad boy and impress her?

To get the bad boy image, you have to be flexible. Be comfortable with any girl, anywhere. But a golden rule to be a bad boy is to respect all the girls whom you are dating. Be prepared to be in and out of any relationship. Being rigid doesn't create a bad boy image.

A bad boy flirts and is bad in dating. He is not honest and loyal to any girl. You have to be confident and create such a flirty image by flirting in front of others. Be arrogant and not caring about emotions in any relationship.

To become a bad boy, you have to always think about yourself first! Do what you like and what you want. Don't go according to the needs or demands of others especially women. He is not worried about anyone. He doesn't think about the consequences of his acts while implementing.

Rough personality:
A bad boy doesn't look sweet but dirty! He has to be rough and robust. A cool attitude with a striking personality makes women feel the bad boy image.

Physical closeness creates a bad boy image instantly. They are not only flirts but always active to get intimate. Always take the permission of the woman before going physical. This creates a good impression and also prevents getting into unwanted troubles.

Don't bother about hook ups:
To become a bad boy, you have to not think twice before hooking up with a girl. Dating should be a game for you which involves fulfilling needs of each other knowingly.
Women love to date bad boys and if you wish to become a bad boy to impress a girl, follow these tips.

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