Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Men Are Scared Of Women ??!!

Why Men Are Scared Of Women - man..guy scared of a girl

Are men scared of women?

This is a question which my friend asked me few days back. There are differences between men and women. In many cases, women are scared of men, and in few cases, it is vice-versa. It may be controversial, but men are scared of women who are independent, smart and beautiful. Why? Because they fear such women and if a man is dating, he will be over-possessive. The fear of losing her or getting dominated by her scares a man at times.

Why are men scared of women?

Women change them:
Men are scared of a change which women will bring in them. I have seen many friends who have become puppets of their girlfriends. When a man starts dating, he has to leave his friend circle and spend most of the time with his girlfriend. If he spends time with friends and requires space, he ends up standing nowhere! Men are scared of emotional women who knows how to control men emotionally.

Men hate tears:
Tears can be a weapon for women but for men, it is something scary. This is why, women use these tears as a weapon to get their things done! Although men hate tears, they can't help but face it. To avoid such situations, men avoid women or are scared of them.

Men wish to run away from...: 
Few of my friends hate relationships mainly because of the responsibilities. These responsibilities come when a man starts dating. Seriousness, the urge to become matured and leave the past scares men. Men are kids at heart and they don't like to change before its too late! So, men wish to run away from women and are scared of them.

When man lacks confidence: 
A person gets scared when he/she is not confident. An independent or a gorgeous woman can easily scare men. It is because, men have to appear really confident to stand up to such women. Once, my friend saw a beautiful woman in a discotheque and she was beautiful. His first reaction was, “I can't take an initiative!” Also independent women tend to become dominant which men hate.

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