Friday, November 9, 2012

Are You In Love Or Is It A Favour ?

Are You In Love Or Is It A Favour - man ignoring ugly woman

Love is all about giving and sacrificing. So how can it be against the rules of a relationship to do a favour in love? It is quite simple; you can sacrifice all you want but do not do it with the mind set of doing a favour to your partner. When sympathy creeps into love, it ceases to be love at all. It becomes something lower than love, pity.

You must save your relationship from the grips of pity by not doing favours in love. If you answer these simple questions then you can know if there is respect in your love or just pity.
Are Doing A Favour In Love?

1. He Is An Outcast: 
He is the social outcast in your college. No one talks to him and most people make fun of him. You feel bad for him so you start going out with him. If this is what you are doing then you both will never be equal partners in love because you are doing him a favour to begin with.

2. She Is A Total Plain Jane:
She is at her best 'ordinary' looking and you are the handsome hunk of your gang. It is against the rules of relationships to ask her out so that you can show your magnanimity. Most handsome guys end up choosing girls who are total Plain Janes so that they can keep reminding her of her good fortune.

3. The Rebel Without A Cause: 
Beware of this category of guys and girls; they are extremely appealing but they will only lead you to doom. This will be the typical guy or girl in your class who says 'no' to everything and rebels against unnecessary issues. They are confused and you find that confusion attractive. Trust me, they need to sort out their own lives first. The rules of relationships will not bind them for the time being.

4. Poor Thing, He Is So Poor: 
That is probably the worst kind of attitude to have towards your partner. To do a financial favour in love is unforgivable. You must never go out with the self righteous poor guy if he is not your type. Many born rich kids have this tendency to 'change the world' by going for a 'financially' unsuitable partner for themselves. It kills the respect that relationships should have.

5. She Lost Her Arm Let Her Not Lose Love:
Many a times you are just about to break up with a girl or guy and they have a terrible tragedy in their life. It can be a road accident or the death of a parent. That catastrophe forces you do a favour in love. You can do it to be on a high moral ground but it won't be a lasting one. Soon you will get tired of towing it around.

Use these relationship tips to determine if it is real love or a favour you are doing.

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