Friday, November 9, 2012

Are You Too Much In Love With Yourself?

Are You Too Much In Love With Yourself - girls party - celebrating

It is a good thing to love 'self' because it keeps you happy and positive. But when this love exceeds it's limits then people call you self obsessed. This is not a attempt to criticize you or stop you from liking yourself. Take it as cause analysis of why your relationships failed. Most people find it extremely difficult to be in a relationship with narcissists. If you are one then your love life is doomed.

The funniest thing about being self obsessed that you are too much in love with self to even suspect it yourself. Here are a couple of indicators to help you.
You Are Too Much In Love With Self If..

1. You use 'I' to punctuate your sentences. 
If every sentence you speak begins with an 'I' then you surely think and talk too much about yourself. Suppose your boyfriend is telling you how he has not studied for his exams and you say 'I always study in advance. I don't believe in last minute preparation. I am going to score well..' then how will the poor guy feel.

2. You are too bothered with your own makeup to care about how your boyfriend looks. 
Suppose your guy is having a really bad hair day and you do not even notice it because you are too pleased with your new dress. Watch it, you are totally self obsessed.

3. Cannot stand it if your partner looks better.
If you are incapable of taking pride in your girlfriend or boyfriend's beauty is a sign that you love 'self 'too much. Most normal individuals feel proud or at least a flicker of pleasure when someone compliments their partner. It is a very important sign that you are connected to each other.

4. Inability to give compliments.
We all like compliments, especially when they come from the special someone in our lives. But if you are a narcissist then you will not be able to fulfill this basic need in a relationship. For you the world begins and ends with you so what compliment anybody else? You will fail to notice your girlfriend's sexy outfit or new haircut. Unfortunately for her, you may miss it even if she turns up in a bikini!

5. Lack of perspective.
A self obsessed person can never see a problem from another person's perspective. Having difference of opinion is one thing and lack of perspective quite another. Most relationships are failed because one partner cannot put themselves in the others shoes. For them their own shoes are the most comfortable to wear.

If you do not wish to stay alone for the rest of your life, being so full of yourself will not always help. If you want have healthy love life then try to love your 'self' a little less and others a little more.

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